Liberals must keep their promises

Liberals’ Economic Update projects a significantly deteriorated fiscal situation, setting up the table for breaking their promises to Canadians.

 “We’re deeply concerned that the Liberals are playing the “cupboard is bare” routine to set the table for breaking their promises to Canadians,” said NDP finance critic Guy Caron. “Liberals are still promising to balance the books in their fourth year but they’re on track for a $5 billion deficit based on today’s numbers. They must reject deeper cuts to public services Canadians rely on.”

Based on the updated baseline, Liberal deficits would top $14 billion in each of the next two years. The government refused to answer today whether they will backtrack on their promises for change, run larger deficits or bring in deeper cuts.

“As the progressive opposition, we call on the government to reject cuts and austerity that hurt Canadian families and instead ask the wealthiest corporations to pay their fair share,” said Caron. “Liberals shouldn’t look for excuses to break their commitments to Canadians, they should look for solutions to deliver the change they promised and Canadians are expecting. New Democrats are ready to help.”