Despite overwhelming opposition from Canadians and evidence from experts that C-51 is dangerous and fails to make Canadians any safer, the un-accountable and un-elected Senate passed the bill earlier this week without a second thought.

Thousands of Canadians protested this bill because it will erode our rights and freedoms. 

Terrorism is a very real threat, but there can be no tradeoff between public safety and our civil liberties. It’s shameful that the Senate gave in to fear and division instead of standing up and defending Canadian values.

Numerous experts have criticized Bill C-51 as dangerous and ineffective, including four former Prime ministers, the Canadian Bar Association and a group of over 100 academics and 60 business people. This legislation lacks important monitoring and surveillance measures and is deliberately vague.

As usual the Harper government put playing politics instead of standing up for what’s right. Canadians deserve better.


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