Labour Day More Than A Holiday

This past Monday Canadians across the country celebrated Labour Day.

 Labour Day is more than a holiday.

 As we mark Labour Day, we remember the working women and men who built Canada and we honour the important contributions of the labour movement to Canadian society.

 The labour movement has fought not just for justice for its members but for all Canadians. It fought for medicare, pensions, unemployment insurance, the eight hour day, vacations, workers compensation jobs and much more.

 Today the labour movement is fighting to defend the rights of Canadians, including fighting for better pensions and creating quality full-time jobs. The current Federal government has an agenda that has targeted the rights of woking people including collective bargaining rights. Our caucus has fought this unfair attack on working people. 

 Canada is a much better place today because of the contributions of the labour movement and working people. We need to re-dedicate ourselves to continue to build a fairer, more equal society for all Canadians.