Justice for all #MMIWG2S

Today, across Canada, Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples are coming together to call for justice for Cindy Gladue. By doing so, they are calling for justice for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

Lauren Crazybull, an activist from Alberta said it clearly: “Cindy’s case is so visibly unjust. Our community doesn’t want to wait for another case to happen or another woman to go missing or be found murdered. This is our breaking point.”

People and systems have tried to de-humanize Cindy Gladue.  But today’s calls for justice honour her memory.  Like never before, communities are speaking out and standing up against the failure to address the high rates of violence against Indigenous women.

Today, thousands are gathering to send a direct message: no more missing or murdered Indigenous Women and Girls. Today, they and we are calling for justice.