The Port of Churchill and the Hudson Bay Rail line are important assets for our region and for Canada.

That is why it is so concerning to see the Harper government putting it's future at risk.

In recent years the key to the Port of Churchill has been the Canadian Wheat Board. It has been the major shipper of grain through the Port, year after year.
The Harper government put this at risk when it dismantled the single desk structure of the Board. It proceeded to put in a temporary subsidy for the shipping of grain with no long term commitment to the Port. 

If this wasn't bad enough the government has now sold a majority stake in the former Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) to a partnership between US firm Bunge and a subsidiary of the Saudi Agricultural and Livestock Investment Co.

The CWB built a global reputation because of the hard work and investments by Canadian farmers. After dismissing a bid from Canadian farmers, the Harper government has handed over majority control of one of Canada’s largest global players on a silver platter to foreign ownership.

Details so far indicate that taxpayers will not be seeing any returns from the sale of this former crown corporation, and the minority share given to Canadian farmers in the new corporation can be revoked completely in seven years at the sole discretion of the new majority owners.

Once again, farmers get no say. Once again the Port of Churchill is being put at risk.