MANITOBA - The Conservative budget doesn't deliver results for Northern Manitoba, says NDP MP Niki Ashton (Churchill).

 "We need a budget that delivers a job creation plan, invests in infrastructure, and provides a real plan for education and investment in Aboriginal communities. We need a government that is committed to ensuring that all sectors of our economy are strong and that jobs stay here."

 The budget slashes $4.7 billion over four years in federal infrastructure funding, resulting in inadequate investment for infrastructure that is much needed across the North.

 This budget is a missed opportunity for building a respectful relationship with Aboriginal peoples by failing to invest in priorities for Aboriginal communities.  "Despite his recent lip service to Aboriginal leaders Stephen Harper has proven once again that he has no intention of working with Aboriginal peoples in a respectful manner," said Ashton.

 "Through its cuts and misplaced priorities, this Budget does not take us forward. Northern Manitobans and all Canadians  deserve better."