MP Report: Food Safety Must be a Priority

"Food safety must be a priority"

 Canadians expect food safety to be a top priority.

 In recent weeks Canadians have seen that we can't take food safety for granted. Serious questions have been raised  

about the government's handling of the outbreak of E. coli in Canadian beef from XL Foods.

 Authorities in the U.S. stopped imports from the XL Food plants on Sept. 13.  In Canada the plant was not shut down until Sept. 27.

 Since that time more and more beef products have been recalled, including product that was shipped as far away as Hong Kong.

 Our caucus has called on the federal agriculture minister's to resign. Our  Leader Tom Mulcair stressed that the Agriculture Minister and the government are refusing to be accountable. They are the ones who put this self-regulating system in place. They must be responsible and accountable.

 We also need to establish a better system for food safety so that this does not happen in the future.

 When it comes to food safety, Canadians deserve better.