“Federal Government Supports Vale, Not Manitoba,” Says Ashton

OTTAWA – Today in the House of Commons, Niki Ashton MP (Churchill) asked the Minister of Industry about the $1Billion loan given by the Federal Government to Vale, a loan when Vale is now taking over 600 jobs out of Thompson.

The $1B loan was given by Export Development Canada to Vale on October 4, 2010. It was given for capital expenditures in Newfoundland and Labrador and projects being developed in Ontario. There was nothing for the Manitoba operation. “This Government has made Vale Canada's number one corporate welfare bum. Instead of providing net benefit, Vale is having a negative impact in Manitoba," said Ashton.

Ashton is calling on the Federal Government to stand up for the people of Thompson and Manitoba and come to the table to find a solution. “The people of Thompson have contributed to Vale and the Federal Government. The EDC loan is our money too and Vale is taking away our jobs,” said Ashton. “Why is the Federal Government not dealing with Vale and working with stakeholders to save jobs in Thompson and Manitoba? Why are they standing up for Vale and not Canadians?”