Federal Government Gives $1B to Vale and Shuts Out Manitobans - Manitoba MPs Missing in Action

OTTAWA - Today in the House of Commons, Niki Ashton MP (Churchill) pointed to the absence of Manitoba's Conservative MPs when it comes to standing up for lost Manitoba jobs. Ashton noted that the Vale announcement to close the smelter and the refinery in Thompson means the loss of over 600 Manitoba jobs and the loss of major processing capacity in the province.

While Manitobans have been critical of Vale's announcement, they are also critical of the Federal Government. "How can the Federal government justify giving Vale $1 Billion to strip out over 600 jobs from Manitoba and eliminate our major processing capacity? Did the Federal government know that Vale was planning to cut jobs when they gave them our money? Did they even ask? Where were our Manitoba Conservative MPs?"

Ashton said Manitoba was the big loser in the Vale announcement and the Federal Government refuses to see it as such. Despite various pronouncements made by Conservative MPs regarding their commitment to job creation, their failure to stand up for Manitoba jobs speaks to their empty rhetoric. "This loss of jobs in Manitoba is unparalleled since the Mulroney Conservatives took hundreds of jobs out of Manitoba during the CF-18 scandal."

"This Government must be at the table. It is time for this government to stop standing up for Vale and to stand up for the people of Thompson and Manitoba."