There’s a growing disconnect in this country when it comes to the economy.

In regions like our north there is an ongoing issue with high rates of unemployment in many Indigenous communities. There are major job losses in urban communities such as Thompson with the future prospect of the loss of jobs in Flin Flon. Traditional industries such as fishing have been hard hit by the end of the single desk Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation. Even the strategically critical Hudson Bay rail line and the port of Churchill have been shut down.

The response from governments has been one of negligence at best. In some cases they are directly responsible for what had happened, particularly with the port of Churchill which was privatized by the the Liberal government in 1997.

What is amazing is the hypocrisy of governments like the provincial government here in Manitoba which put a great deal of effort chasing after jobs with Amazon but will do virtually nothing to help save good paying value added resource based jobs.

What we are seeing in our region is one of the key reasons why there is a problem with growing inequality across Canada. Why so many people, particularly young people are concerned about their future.

As I look ahead to 2018 is clear that the economy is going to be critical. I will be speaking out calling for action in our region.

Much of the wealth of this country comes from regions like our north. Increasingly we are seeing less and less of it benefitting those of us that live in our area.

There is a better way. We need an economic strategy and action to reverse the job losses, support our traditional industries and create new jobs for young people today and for future generations.