Conservatives Ignore Regions on Gun Registry


OTTAWA - Churchill MP Niki Ashton has criticized the Federal Conservatives for bringing in legislation on the gun registry that ignores the different views on the gun registry in different regions in Canada.

Ms. Ashton said that the bill the Conservatives introduced to end the registry contained the surprise provision to destroy the records. She pointed out that Quebec has indicated that it will establish its own registry when the federal registry is eliminated. They have indicated access to the records is critical to Quebec.

The NDP MP said that provinces like Manitoba have made it clear they oppose the registry and have no plans to establish a provincial version. "They have made it clear the registry does not meet the needs of their region," said Ashton. "It is ironic that the Conservatives have said the registry was a waste of money. Now they are forcing Quebec to pay even more money to put in place a provincial registry."

Ashton said the Tory bill is another example of the heavy-handed approach of the Harper government.