Conservatives Fail to Meet GHG Deadline - Again

OTTAWA – New Democrats are decrying yet another Conservative failure to establish limits for greenhouse gas emission in Canada’s oil and gas sector. 

“It’s sad but not surprising that after years of promising greenhouse gas reduction plans Conservatives have failed to deliver on their own timeline,” said NDP Environment critic Megan Leslie (Halifax). “Either they don’t understand the importance of these regulations, or worse, they don’t care about protecting the environment.”

As the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases in Canada, regulating emissions in the oil sands is an essential step in reducing emissions overall. Each delay by the Conservatives makes it more difficult for Canada to meet reduction targets and puts our economy at risk.

 “Under the Conservatives, Canada is moving backwards when it comes to the environment. While President Obama introduced tough new standards to fight climate change, the Conservatives dragging their heels again,” said Megan Leslie. “The oil and gas sector is critical when it comes to meeting Canada’s emissions reductions targets; every delay puts Canada further behind.”

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