Clement Clueless: Ashton Calls for Minister of Industry to Step Up for Thompson

Ottawa - Following Vale's announcement to cut over 500 jobs in Thompson, Minister Clement continues to insult the people impacted as he continually refers to the announcement as being good news.

"This Minister is acting like a cheerleader for Vale rather than standing up for Canadians who are hurting in Thompson," said MP Niki Ashton (Churchill). "Minister Clement is not performing his duty, which is to look out for the well-being of the Canadian people. Instead he is insulting us by saying that Vale's announcement is good."

In addition to failing to recognize the devastating impact of the Vale announcement, Clement also proved his complete lack of knowledge of the situation on the ground. When asked to be part of the solution, the Minister called the Thompson operation an iron ore mine and said it was nearing the end of its life. "This Minister is showing how clueless he is of the situation. Thompson is a nickel mine and the announcement is to close the surface operations. As a Minister of Industry there is no excuse to not know what we're about and what is going on," said Ashton.

"We need the Minister and his Government to stand up for the people of Thompson," said Ashton. "The people of Thompson have given a lot to Canada - now its time for the government of Canada to give back."