These are tough times in Churchill. 

A combination of natural and human created disasters have had a devastating impact on Churchill. To make matter worse the federal and provincial governments are standing on the sidelines. 

Churchill deserves better. 

It starts with immediate recognition that Churchill is facing a disaster because of the closure of the rail line. This means the federal and provincial governments have to be there to help the people of Churchill. They have to be prepared to do whatever it takes to help the people, the businesses, the town, the community. 

It means saying enough is enough with Omni Trax. Last year they shut down the Port of Churchill. They have no credibility when it comes to the rail line. It is time to take back the rail line from the American billionaire who took it over when it was privatized by the Liberals in 1997. Let's renationalize it and work with Indigenous and Northern communities to get it working again. 

These are tough times for Churchill  but we can bring hope to the community by supporting them, by working with them. 

It means recognizing how important Churchill is to Manitoba and Canada. It means investing in its future. 

If there is one thing that defines us as Canadians it is the way we are there to help our fellow Canadians in their time of need. 

The people and community of Churchill need us now. We must not let them down.