Cancel plans to eliminate Home Delivery in the North

Message to Stephen Harper: Cancel plans to eliminate Home Delivery in the North

Thompson - Following Canada Post's announcement that Flin Flon and Thompson would lose home delivery in 2016, Niki Ashton MP called on them to refrain from taking such action.

"Hundreds of people in Flin Flon and Thompson have spoken out in favour of home delivery. This is a critical service to our Northern communities and we won't stand by and let this happen." said Ashton.

Ashton reiterated the NDP's support for home delivery and the commitment to reinstate it if elected Government.

"Home delivery is a key service for seniors, people living with disabilities and for families in Flin Flon and Thompson. We will fight to keep it" said Ashton.

"My message to Canada Post and the Federal government is hold off on cancelling home delivery because if the NDP is elected government in October will will save home delivery in Thompson, Flin Flon and across Canada."