Attacking our institutions and services

It is increasingly clear that the Federal government is attacking many of the institutions  ‎and services Canadians rely on. 

Postal service is at risk as the government has cut Canada Post and is aiming to eliminate mail delivery. 

CBC has been targeted for major cuts that will significantly erode its role as a public broadcaster.  The government has attacked public institutions such a Elections Canada, the Parliamentary Budget office and even the Supreme Court.

Canadians deserve better.

Increasing people are speaking out. 

This past weekend for example I joined with local residents in Thompson to go door to door to save our postal service. We will be tabling a petition in the House of Commons opposing the cuts. 

If you would like to sign the petition please go online at or contact my office at 1-866-669-7770 .

We have to send a clear message. It is time the government stopped attacking services and institutions that Canadians rely on.