Ashton wants Federal government to be accountable to First Nations and Canadians

 OTTAWA - Niki Ashton, NDP MP (Churchill) has called on the Federal government to be more accountable to First Nations and Canadians. Ashton was speaking in the House of Commons on Bill C-27 on First Nations accountability.  

Ashton called the government’s move on the bill "a cynical attempt to distract attention from their own lack of accountability to First Nations and Canadians."

"When is the government going to be accountable for the third world living conditions in First Nations and Inuit communities? When will it accept its responsibility to help improve health, education, housing and infrastructure in Northern and Aboriginal communities?"

Ashton was also critical of Conservative mismanagement "how can a government that was billions of dollars over budget on the F-35 jets and had Ministers that spent lavishly on taxpayer funded foreign trips lecture anyone about prudent management or accountability?"

Ashton predicted that the Conservatives will follow up the debate on the bill with "their usual attack press release, maybe even an attack robocall in an attempt to use the act as a wedge issue."

"I believe Canadians are growing tired of this cynical approach," she concluded.