Ashton Reaches out to Michael Moore: Hear Our Story

ISLAND LAKE, MB - Today, Niki Ashton, Member of Parliament (Churchill) wrote a letter to filmmaker Michael Moore asking for his support in sharing the story of Thompson as it faces the devastating announcement made by Vale in November 2010 to close the Thompson Vale smelter and refinery.

"We made a video to share our story - the video echoes the messages put forward by Michael Moore, that communities must be heard and that there must be justice," said Ashton. Michael Moore's work has put communities like Flint, Michigan and others on the map sharing the story of how working people and their communities have been treated unfairly by their governments and corporations.

Ashton hopes that Michael Moore and others will watch the locally produced video "Our Community. Our Resource. Our Canada." available on YouTube. "We want to share our story and we want people to join our campaign," said Ashton, who has been part of the campaign to reverse the devastating Vale announcement.

"This story does not belong only to us, it is for all Canadians and beyond. It is about calling on our Governments to stand up for us and not corporations. It is about standing up for our communities and our future."