Ashton Kicks Off Campaign Throughout the North

Incumbent NDP MP Niki Ashton has kicked off her campaign throughout the riding. Speaking in The Pas, Flin Flon and Thompson, Ashton said there will be a clear choice in the upcoming election. "We will be putting forward a positive platform with practical solutions for the issues that matter to Northerners."

Ashton said "Throughout the campaign we will be talking about the issues that really matter like healthcare, education, pensions, transportation, infrastructure and the economy."

The Northern New Democrat committed to continuing to visit throughout the riding and to being a strong voice in Parliament. "We have one voice in Parliament, we have to make it count."

Ashton said that the NDP campaign will be in sharp contrast to the Conservative campaign both local and national, which she described as "angry, partisan and personal". She also said the Liberals have been part of the problem, not the solution.

"I make no apologies for being vocal. The Federal government takes a lot out of Northern Manitoba - we deserve something back. The NDP has a track record of working with Northerners and fighting on Northern issues. Our goal has to be nothing less than to fight for social and economic justice in the North and across Canada."