Ashton Invites Canadians to Build Opposition to Elections Act

Thompson - Today, Niki Ashton NDP MP (Churchill) invited people to share their messages of opposition to the Unfair Elections Act online. Ashton launched the  "Take a Stand Against the Unfair Elections Act" Facebook page.

The Chief Electoral Officer and other experts have testified that if passed, bill C-23 would block tens of thousands of Canadians from voting, and that Indigenous peoples and those living in remote communities will be among the most affected.

"Since the committee studying this bill has refused to travel, I want to make sure that the voices of my constituents - and Notherners and Indigenous peoples from across Canada - have their voices heard in Parliament" said Ashton.

"Through this site, we have a chance to bring our views together. Views that I will take to Parliament and to the Harper Government," she added.

The site asks people to share their thoughts through posts or short videos.  A range of messages received will be presented in the House of Commons by Ashton over the next number of weeks. 

The site is available here: 

Sign the on-line petition to stop this Act here: