Ashton: Federal budget ignores First Nation and Métis communities

The NDP is demanding answers from the federal government on why it has failed to act on its obligations and continues to ignore critical issues faced by Aboriginal people.

This week’s federal budget did nothing to address issues like the need for safe water, improved housing and investments in education.

“This Budget is embarrassing. This goverment is ignoring First Nation and Métis communities when the challenges faced by people are so critical,” says New Democrat MP Niki Ashton (Churchill).

Jean Crowder, New Democrat MP (Nanaimo-Cowichan) and Aboriginal Affairs Critic, spoke in the House yesterday to question the government on its lack of attention to Aboriginal people in the budget.

“There is nothing for education, nothing to support friendship centres, nothing to provide clean water, and nothing to increase safe, healthy housing across Canada, especially in the north. The government's answers to these grim conditions are projects that only reduce the government's own liability, like replacing fuel tanks,” said Crowder during Question Period.

"We need leadership to put an end to the Third World conditions that Aboriginal people face in Canada. This Budget doesn't provide that leadership - we cannot support it," adds Ashton.