Calls on Liberal government to do the same

We may be in dark times but hope was in the gallery of the House of Commons and among all those watching last night.

Over 250 people came to Parliament last night to watch their representatives – their government – debate Trump’s immigration and refugee ban. It is clear that Canadians are looking for more than nice words in a tweet with no real action to follow. They are looking for their government to denounce the racist policies of Donald Trump and take real action to stand up for the rights of refugees and immigrants.

To date, those effected by Trump’s targeted immigration and travel ban have only received empty words from Canada.

The New Democrats are proposing the following four concrete steps to support any refugees stranded by Trump’s racist ban:

  1. Lift the 1,000 application cap on privately sponsored refugees.
  2. Fast track refugees whose applications in the United States were approved before the ban but are now shut out.
  3. Immediately suspend the Safe 3rd Country Agreement with the US as Trump's ban constitutes a massive shift in the American refugee system.
  4. Work with the global community to address the short fall in refugee resettlement.


As we saw here in our own country on Sunday, Islamophobia kills. Canada must send a clear message to our neighbour that the policies and politics of hate will not be over-looked or tolerated.

Together we will fight and we will win. Love will trump hate.

NoWall. NoMuslimBan