“Ashton Calls Tories a Threat to the Wheat Board and the Port of Churchill”

Churchill, Manitoba.

Churchill NDP MP incumbent Niki Ashton has called for a clear commitment to the Wheat Board that she says is critical to the future of the Port of Churchill. She made the call on a campaign visit to the community.

Ashton said the port has made significant progress in recent years. There has been significant progress toward the $68 million upgrade to the port and the rail line that was cost shared by the federal and provincial. “The Wheat Board has also been responsible for several good shipping seasons in recent years.”
The northern representative said that the Conservative government has been openly hostile to the wheat Board. “They have put their ideology ahead of support for the Wheat board and Canadian farmers. If they were to form a majority government it is clear that the future of the Wheat Board and the single desk marketing system is at risk.”

Niki Ashton said that the loss of the Wheat board shipments to Churchill would be devastating. ”This comes at a time when the port has huge strategic importance for Manitoba and Canada.”

“The NDP will fight protect the Wheat Board and the Port of Churchill.”