Ashton Calls on Government to Restore Canada's Reputation

Niki Ashton (MP- Churchill) rose in the House of Commons today highlighting the gap between Canada’s global reputation and the reality facing many Canadians. Ashton stated that Canada is falling behind on basic quality of life issues and that there is a need for real leadership to restore our reputation.

Ashton pointed to the upcoming G20 Summit and the illusion that Canada continues to be a leader in human rights, women’s rights and healthcare. “The reality is that we are actually a country that has a disappointing record on everything from infant mortality, to poverty, to equality for women. Our poor record on Aboriginal infant mortality and poverty stands in particularly sharp contrast to our reputation,” said Ashton.

As far as Canada’s international involvement, Ashton noted that Canada has distanced itself from its historic reputation as peacekeeper and is now involved in direct military action, action "[wherein] 147 Canadian soldiers have died in the process.”

Ashton is concerned that Canada’s reputation is forever tarnished by the actions of this Conservative government and governments that have gone before. She is calling on the Government to restore Canada's place in the world as a country of equality, diversity and one that is committed to peace throughout the world.