Ottawa - Today in the House of Commons NDP Aboriginal Affairs Critic Niki Ashton (Churchill) asked the Federal Government respond to recent news that internal AANDC reports demonstrate that Manitoba First Nations face the greatest challenges in terms of living conditions.

“Mr. Speaker, I am talking about levels of child poverty that are unprecedented in our country. This country is having an unprecedented conversation about systemic racism and the only one that is not part of it is the federal government.

Internal reports from AANDC last week showed that first nations in Manitoba have the most challenging living conditions. People love their communities. They love where they come from and they want to be part of making these places better, but they agree that conditions must change. Under the government, access to education, housing, and economic opportunities are below other first nations and, of course, non-first nation communities.

Will the minister step up, acknowledge the systemic discrimination and be part of the solution?”

Video of Niki Ashton’s question in the house is available here: