Ashton Calls for Action on Fire Safety

Gods Lake Narrows- Incumbent Churchill NDP MP Niki Ashton has called for a major initiative to improve fire safety and firefighting on Northern and Aboriginal communities.

Ashton made the call after visiting the community where a tragic fire that led to deaths took place. "How many more tragic deaths have to occur before the Federal government acts?".

The Northern New Democrat said that there needs to be a comprehensive initiative to ensure fire safety improves. "To begin with we need to deal with the issue of housing itself. We need to deal with the overcrowding and poor housing conditions that often are the underlying causes".

Ashton also said there needs to be a major investment in firefighting. "After a recent fatal fire a community in Nova Scotia donated a used fire truck to God's Lake Narrows. This is far more than the Federal government has ever done."

The incumbent MP said that the province's Fire Commissioner's Office has announced it will be working with First Nations on fire safety. "Where is the Conservative government?" she stressed.