A Federal Do-nothing Budget on Northern issues

The Federal government has brought in its budget and it is clear that this is a do-nothing budget.

The Federal government has shown once again that they fail to understand that investing in infrastructure and public services is crucial to economic development across Northern Manitoba and across the country.

This budget does nothing to address the key issues around infrastructure; including housing, and water and sewer services that are greatly needed in Northern Manitoba.

Investment in infrastructure also creates jobs. More people are unemployed today than before the recession and are looking for action now to make life more affordable. Canadians deserve better.

Our caucus has put forward practical, low-cost solutions, including reining in credit card rates; capping ATM fees; restoring the ecoEnergy Retrofit – Homes tax credit; and providing job creation tax credits for youth and small businesses.‎ The Federal government ignored these practical suggestions in their budget.

‎I believe this a tired government that is telling us to wait and see. Northern and Aboriginal people can't wait - we need action from the Federal government now.