12 Months of Trudeau

As we head into the holidays, I want to share two things I heard during my #GenYAsksY national tour on Millennials' relationship to precarious work. 

1: The kids aren't alright. Young Canadians feel the deck is stacked against them. Parents are worried about their kids’ futures. And I heard about the mental health challenges that come from struggling, day after day, with no end in sight. 

2: It's harder than ever to pay for the cost of living. Millennials are struggling under the weight of costly education, skyrocketing student debt and soaring housing costs. Meanwhile, they face an increasingly challenging future where precarious, low-wage jobs without benefits or job stability is increasingly becoming the norm. This didn’t just happen. Neoliberal policies implemented by successive governments have led us to this place. And the problem isn’t going to fix itself.

This holiday season, Millennials and everyone else, are looking for federal leadership. Will Justin Trudeau step up? Or will his legacy to young Canadians look more like a bag of coal? 

Our national tour was just the start of this important federal initiative – you'll hear more from us about this issue soon.  #PrecariousGen